Sunday, August 7, 2016

Leprechaun: In the Hood (2000)

An American horror comedy directed by Rob Spera, starring Warwick Davis and Ice-T.
A pimp steals the leprechaun's gold flute, which grants him power over people. Years later, a young rap group steals all of the leprechaun's gold from him and sets the leprechaun free. Caught between an angry pimp and a greedy leprechaun, they try to save their lives and win a rap competition.
This was actually not bad. I know it sounds like a disaster, but I thought it was funny. The stereotypical characters kind of worked for the premise. I think it was cool that they included a Chinese shopkeeper to round out the ghetto cast. The leprechaun smoking a joint with Ice-T scene was interesting. His rap at the end could have been skipped, but I was expecting it from the beginning. You know, leprechaun limericks rhyme, rap rhymes... It's just natural that they did it. There was an ungodly amount of cross-dressing involved. From the drag queen to sneaking into the leprechaun's hideout, too many dudes looking like ladies. Overall, not as bad as it seems. I rate this adequate.

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