Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Story of Us (1999)

An American romance directed by Rob Reiner, starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer.
A husband and wife who are having problems with their relationship separate while their children are away at camp.
Not so great standard Hollywood bullshit. The plot was so stale, obvious and predictable that it failed to hold my attention. The characters were just as stale and predictable as the plot. The video was straight forward story telling with no artsy shots of any kind. The audio had audible dialogue, but the soundtrack was stupidly mediocre. What irked me most was flashbacks of the couple's life together being momentarily visited during this troubled time. Actually showing their relationship would have been more effective. The whole thing just seemed fake and poorly written. Castle Rock, Universal and Warner Brothers were banking on star power that only netted them 8 million in the end. For more criticism, please refer to the Wikipedia page. I rate this bad. Do not watch!

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