Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lucky, the Inscrutable A.K.A. Agente speciale L.K.: Operazione Re Mida, Lucky, el intrépido, Lucky M. füllt alle Särge (1967)

A Spanish Italian German comedy spy adventure directed by Jesus Franco.
A charismatic spy is hired by bankers to find a counterfeiting operation.
This is live action Lupin the Third. The plot involved the main character spy/detective hunting down large scale criminals while being debonair with women and daring in conflicts. He collects a buddy along the way to act as his Daisuke Jigen, with a box full of spy tricks and gadgets. Having seen Castle of Cagliostro and some of the anime TV series, I could easily see Lucky and Lupin switching places without anyone noticing. The video was mega-grainy and super-blurry because of the age and the 512x288 format that I found it in. The audio featured an extremely repetitive soundtrack, but I could hear all of the dialogue. Overall, this is for folks who can't get enough Lupin from the anime. I rate it adequate.

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