Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ghoulies IV A.K.A. Ghoulies 4 (1994)

An American horror directed by Jim Wynorski.
A militant witch is looking for a jewel that will turn her cop ex-boyfriend back to his old, evil self.
This was terrible! It had NOTHING to do with the Ghoulies series storyline. The Ghoulies just happened to be there. They weren't even the same Ghoulies from the three previous films, but dwarves in costumes. Different costumes, with different faces (picture). So, we've got the plot not being part of the series and the poor choice of monsters. Human actors didn't do too much better. I thought the three female roles were cast decently. The cop, the hooker and the witch all looked and acted their parts. The video was lack-luster at best. Special effects were confined to editing tricks and lighting that the average student could accomplish, given the correct supplies. The audio was re-dubbed because I could see people's mouths moving separate from their dialogue. If the film is in English and the English dialogue doesn't match the English-speaking actors, that's a major problem. Overall, I want the past hour and fifteen minutes of my life back. I rate this bad. Do not watch!

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