Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Hourglass Sanatorium A.K.A. The Sandglass, Sanatorium pod klepsydrą (1973)

A Polish fantasy directed by Wojciech Jerzy Has.
A man goes to visit his father in a hospital where time has been tampered with. There he meets a strange assortment of characters.
This was nearly incoherent, but I could tell that it was intentional. The viewer is supposed to feel the disorientation of the main character. Trying to write about this in a normal fashion is a lost cause. Some of my favorite sections were the woman in the upstairs apartment, the boy with the stamps and the father's bird scene. The technical aspects, although primitive by today's audio/video quality standards, were done quite well. The use of and lack of color in scenes was interesting to me because it came from the sets, lighting and costumes, rather than technical specifications of equipment. The graveyard scene stands out because of this (picture). Overall, it's a crazy film that would need to be watched at least twice to gain any understanding of it. I rate this adequate.

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