Friday, January 20, 2017

The Girl from Rio A.K.A. The Seven Secrets of Sumuru, City Without Men, Sumuru Queen of Femina, Rio 70, Future Women (1968)

A Spanish West German American spy adventure directed by Jesus Franco, starring Shirley Eaton, George Sanders and Walter Rilla.
A militant feminist runs a city with an exclusively female population. She abducts wealthy men and takes their money to fund her nation-building scheme.
Not bad, but not good. Not unique enough to be memorable, but a fine example of the time and genre. The plot was a little murky in sections. It seemed kind of haphazard, as if it were not planned very well. It was also not believable. A city of only women won't continue to exist for long. The setting was also unclear. Is this '60s Brazil or a science fiction future? The characters were not developed at all. At the end, I barely even knew who they were, let alone felt like I knew them personally. They were identifiable though and not easily confused with one another. Costumes were actually done very well. I liked the femina city military uniform most. The video looked very '60s. That gritty oversaturation is difficult to fake. Camera-work did a lot of selective focus, which turned out looking good. The audio was pretty standard of the time. Dialogue was audible and it featured a Russ Meyer/Jesus Franco groovy soundtrack. There were some annoying "science machine" sounds. Overall, easily forgotten. I rate this o.k.

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