Monday, January 16, 2017

Swept Away (2002)

An Italian British American romance adventure directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Madonna and Bruce Greenwood.
A pair of rich families go on a cruise from Greece to Italy. While they are out, the meanest "rich bitch" wife gets lost on a dingy with one of the fishermen who work on the boat. They land on a deserted island and she finds that the roles are reversed. The fisherman now has the food, water and shelter that she wants and because of her cruelty to him, is reluctant to share.
I thought this was pretty decent. Guy Ritchie seems to generally make good films and I like role reversals. Then I read Wikipedia. The original film must be phenomenal! I will have to watch it. Anyway, the plot was very clearly presented and took some turns that I did not expect. The characters were acted decently to pretty well. There seemed to be no "out of character" moments or dialogue discrepancies. The video was a little too straight forward and obvious for Guy Ritchie. He generally tends to throw in some more unique and experimental shots that shake things up and hold the viewer's attention. The audio had that stereotypical mixing problem with loud music, quiet dialogue and the more important the dialogue, the quieter it gets. Overall, I'm throwing this into my collection with Castaway and Cast Away. Do I see a desert island folder? I rate this adequate.

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