Friday, January 13, 2017

Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)

An American science fiction comedy directed by Tom Schiller, starring Zach Galligan, Lauren Tom, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.
A concert pianist id found to be using a player piano. He returns home to New York City with the goal of becoming an artist, but is given a menial labor job because he is unable to pass an art test. He meets a woman who goes to art shows with him and they begin a relationship. Because of his kindness to a man on the street, he is selected to travel to the moon to find his true love.
This was odd. The plot seemed uneven, which had a lot to do with pacing. The beginning took forever and then the rest of the film was rushed.  I really liked that Billy from Gremlins (1984) was cast as the main character. Murray and Aykroyd played very minor roles though. The hobos/tramps controlling the destiny of everyone on earth was also a unique concept. The video was clearly meant to mimic old science fiction films. It went from black and white to color when a magical area was entered. The audio had far too many songs for a film that is not a musical. Overall, strange and obscure with some positive and negative points. I rate this adequate because oddities get better ratings.

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