Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Galaxy A.K.A. Galaxy Destroyer, Battle for the Lost Planet (1986)

An American science fiction directed by Brett Piper.
A man who has stolen a top-secret tape blasts off in a space ship as aliens are invading earth. He returns five years later and enlists the aid of a woman who saves him and the leader of a motorcycle gang to infiltrate an alien base. The base is on top of a weapon that was made before the aliens invaded that could save the human race.
This was really cheesy. The plot was simplistic, but communicated quite well. The characters were not developed very much. The main character was likeable enough though. The video was obviously done on a tight budget. The camera-work looked amateurish and the special effects were not very convincing. The audio was all very quiet, but the sountrack music featured '80s metal that I liked. The dialogue was very, very poorly written. Overall, the type of '80s trash flick that most people dislike. I found it to be so quaint that I kind of liked it. I rate this adequate.

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