Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Castaway (1986)

A British drama adventure directed by Nicolas Roeg, starring Oliver Reed.
A man obsessed with the story of Robinson Crusoe decides to live on a deserted island for a year. He finds a woman who is willing to go with him and they spend all of their money to make it happen. Once they get to the island, the man spends his time playing or laying around, while the woman wanders. It ends up being more difficult than they thought.
This was enjoyable to watch. I liked the plot and characters, mostly because I am just finishing reading Robinson Crusoe myself. It turns out that the part about the personals ad is art mirroring life, because that is how Amanda Donohoe got her part in the film. I wondered how they did the malnutrition bodies. Did they actually starve themselves, or have skinny body-doubles? When the characters were portrayed healthy, Amanda Donohoe spent much of her time walking around naked, learning to use a shotgun naked, etc. Unfortunately, the malnutrition scenes were naked too. The video was mostly very bright, despite the depressing situation that the characters were in. The audio was alright. I could hear the dialogue and the soundtrack music stayed very far in the background. Overall, a decent movie with some positive qualities. I rate this adequate.

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