Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mutant War A.K.A. Mutant Men Want Pretty Women (1988)

An American science fiction directed by Brett Piper.
The hero from Galaxy (1986) has continued adventures with human survivors, monsters and mutants. He saves a girl who is looking for her sisters and faces a man who is building a mutant army.
This was almost just like the first film of the series. This one featured more stop-motion alien monsters that were actually done quite well. I really liked the one that chased the man and the two women out of the mutant base. This film also featured a psychedelic dream sequence after the hero was given a mind-altering drink. That being said, those video elements were better, but it was poorer quality in general than the previous film. There's a section in the beginning where the hero is all serious about how bad the earth is doing and he pulls up in his car, smiling and says "yeah!", breaking character. The audio still featured '80s metal, but the other soundtrack music was really repetitive. The version that I got stopped working at an hour 14 minutes, so I didn't get to see the whole ending. Overall, the same as the first one. I rate this adequate as well.

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