Sunday, January 1, 2017

Alex & Emma (2003)

An American romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner, starring Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson.
A writer has borrowed money from the Cuban mafia and they will kill him if he does not finish his book and pay them in a month. He hires a woman stenographer to help him write faster and falls in love with her. The main character in the book is torn between the love for two women. When the stenographer finds that this is also the case in real life, her feelings for the writer change.
This started out badly and got worse as it went. The plot was typical of modern romantic comedies, but utilized a slightly different time-frame, with most of the events at the beginning and end. The characters were terrible. The main character was annoying and his acting sucked. The romantic interest was only slightly better. The video was the only good aspect. As the writer dictates his book and discusses it with the stenographer, the viewer sees what they are talking about, complete with changing cast and other video tricks. The audio was pretty standard. I could hear the dialogue and the soundtrack music was correctly mixed. Overall, standard American romantic comedy with some cool video effects. I rate it poor because I hate the genre.

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