Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pushing Hands A.K.A. tuī shǒu (1992)

A Taiwanese drama directed by Ang Lee, starring Sihung Lung.
An old Chinese Tai chi master is living with his son's family in America. The son's wife is a writer who doesn't like the old man. At the Chinese school where he teaches Tai chi, he meets a cooking teacher in a similar situation.
This was pretty cool. I was laughing through most of the beginning as the writer and martial artist had non-verbal disagreements in their house. The picture is the writer trying to tell the martial artist not to put aluminum foil into the microwave, but neither speaks the other's language. The plot held my attention all the way through and the characters were unique and memorable. I didn't notice anything that stood out about the visual style, but it was all done quite well. The audio was split between English and Chinese with subtitles for everything. The climax took the form of a kung fu action scene, but I won't spoil any more than that. Overall, this is worth watching. I would go as far as to rate it good and probably watch it again sometime.

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