Saturday, May 28, 2016

Malcolm X (1992)

An American drama directed by Spike Lee, starring Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett and Delroy Lindo.
The life of the idealist leader, Malcolm X is shown. It includes his criminal career, jail time, conversion to Islam, career as a public speaker and his death.
This was one of the longest and most serious films I have ever seen. I think that the director and leading actor were the absolute best choice in this case. Their familiarity with the subject matter and similarities with the man the story was based on make them the correct men for the job. The plot was long. I had to take many breaks to get through 3 hours and 12 minutes. The characters were identifiable and the main character was extremely dynamic and well-developed. I think that they tried to be as historically accurate as possible while showing possibly unknown personal aspects of Malcolm's life that fill out the story. There were beautiful camera shots included, but also some "forgetting to remove the lens cap" scenes. The picture was a moving shot of Malcolm going down the street very smoothly, like he was floating. Another shot to mention was the KKK members riding into the moonlight in the beginning. The audio was good, with clear dialogue, orchestral cinematic music and pop music of the time period being depicted. I think they did an awesome job making this film. So much so that the racial issues will not be discussed here. My only real complaint is the lengthy duration. Overall, this exemplifies what I'm looking for as far as technical aspects and production value are concerned. I rate it good, but will not be watching it again.

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