Sunday, May 29, 2016

Career Girls (1997)

A British drama directed by Mike Leigh.
A woman goes to visit her roommate from college for a weekend. While there, the pair run into other people they knew from that time period.
This was amazing. The plot started off really slow and barely made any sense. I didn't even connect who the characters were at first. As the film progresses, everything comes together. The characters develop back-story through flashbacks and the plot takes form. That is not an easy task. The video was done in different styles for the past and present. The past was darker, with less contrast and saturation. The present was bright, clear and "new movie too perfect". The audio was a little odd for me. Because of the British accents and use of regional slang, I didn't understand everything that was being said. It didn't seem like a worthwhile film at first, but by the end I really liked it. Overall, brilliant. I rate this awesome.

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