Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life of Pi (2012)

An American adventure directed by Ang Lee, starring Irrfan Khan and Gerard Depardieu.
A teenage boy from India falls into a lifeboat as the ship he is traveling on sinks. He is shortly joined by a zebra, monkey, hyena and a tiger. Due to conflicts on the lifeboat, the young man survives at sea alone with the tiger for a very long time.
This was amazing! Such style, such grace. The plot held my undivided attention for the entire two hour duration. The two main characters (Indian boy and tiger) were developed well and their relationship was explored in great detail. The pacing was dynamic, with highs and lows at good intervals. The video style was wonderful. I know there was compositing done, but don't care which scenes were involved in computerized manipulation. The audio was good, with appropriate music. There was a short section in Indian with no subtitles, but the rest was audible and featured an appropriate soundtrack. This ranks up there with The Fall (2006), Kill Bill and other such wonders of modern cinema. I wish I could watch stuff like this all the time, but that brings up the existential argument that Beavis and Butthead worded so well "if nothing sucked, and like, everything was cool all the time, then it’s like, how would you know it was cool?". Overall, this is what I'm looking for to give my top ratings to. I rate this best. WATCH IT!!!!!

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