Sunday, May 22, 2016

An Ideal Husband A.K.A. Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband (1947)

A British drama directed by Alexander Korda, starring Paulette Goddard and Michael Wilding.
A politician sold classified papers long ago in order to become the rich and respectable man that he is now. A woman who knows about this tries to blackmail him into supporting her scheme that he previously disapproved of.
Boring and outdated. The plot did not hold my interest and I did not care about the characters. One thing to note is that one of the leading female characters was well on her way to developing saggy jowls (picture). The old technicolor style of video was actually kind of cool. The bright and oversaturated colors caught my eye initially. There was some sloppy audio editing with clicks everywhere and a very strange sound at one point. Overall, not what I like to watch. It now becomes clear why I had so much trouble finding anything from the Korda brothers' filmography. I turned it off at 44 minutes out of the hound and a half duration. In accordance with my turnoff policy, I rate this shit. DO NOT WATCH!

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