Friday, May 6, 2016

Henry & June (1990)

An American romance directed by Philip Kaufman, starring Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, Richard E. Grant and Kevin Spacey.
A strumpet in France sleeps around her circle of friends. Around and around and around.
This was terribly boring. I don't like romance and the duration of just over two hours made it seem like it would never end. It was not painful to watch. The technical aspects were good, but the plot failed to hold my attention. Gratuitous sex scenes helped a little bit, but were no substitute for adventure, travel and action. The characters watch Un Chien Andalou, which I thought was cool. There was also a marionette puppet that added brief moments of interest. Even Uma Thurman was unable to spice up this snooze-fest. I'm beginning to dislike Philip Kaufman. Overall, not what I like to watch. I rate this poor.

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