Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vampires and Werewolves Fact or Fiction (2011)

An American Prophecy Club documentary by Bill Schnoebelen.
Bill relates information about vampires and werewolves from his own experiences and the media. The main talking point is whether it is good to partake in occult media.
This was pretty good. I had heard all of these stories before, but didn't mind a repeat. As with all Prophecy Club videos, it looked and sounded fine. They even showed his slides at the correct times. My main beef with the information is this: If drinking blood is supposed to be so bad, why are we told to drink Jesus's blood? The other thing that bothered me was that Bill was getting close to telling his "Cathedral of Pain" story towards the end, but did not do so. That's my favorite story to the point where I wrote a song about it! Bill is an entertaining speaker and I like watching his talks. However, most of the information was repeats from his other talks. I rate this adequate.

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