Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bulldog Courage (1935)

An American western directed by Sam Newfield, starring Tim McCoy.
A very polite outlaw holds people up along a roadway and makes them drop their guns before robbing them. He then pretends to be people whom he is not when the destruction of a mine with dynamite is being planned.
There was almost nothing to review here. It was very standard and regular, but the plot was a little too vague or murky. What stood out most to me was the haunting visage of Tim McCoy. He has a very long face. During the dynamite to mine plan, Tim mimics the exact words and speech style of the nerdy explosives expert, which I found funny. There were a few editing mistakes and audio/video artifacts, but it wasn't poorly made. Overall, not good, but not painful. I rate it tolerable.

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