Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bells of San Angelo (1947)

An American western musical comedy directed by William Witney, starring Roy Rogers and Andy Devine.
An author of cowboy novels visits a rural town where a border inspector is looking for silver smugglers and their mine. An English gentleman from Scotland Yard also visits, looking for a man who has changed his name.
This was actually a great movie. I think what stood out to me was good acting by well-portrayed characters. Speaking of characters, I've heard the sheriff's voice before. He's Andy Devine, Friar Tuck from Disney's Robin Hood (1973). The plot was a little on the complex side and because of time restraints, I had to restart 3 times to get through the whole duration. The video looked good in primitive color and the audio was alright. The musical numbers were few and far between, adding some extra style without wearing out their welcome. This is a keeper. I may be biased because of my preference for westerns and cartoon voice actors, but I rate this good. Recommended for those who want a good, clean western set in modern times.

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