Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Colorado (1940)

An American western drama directed by Joseph Kane, starring Roy Rogers.
An official comes to town in order to enforce law and order.
Even after viewing the film and reading Wikipedia's plot summary, I still don't understand what's going on. Was it poor directorial choices, poor acting or lack of style that condemned this film? I vote for lack of style, which includes all the rest. Style is when people are doing stuff right and their own way. Style is good camera-work that shows what's going on. Style is good script-writing that translates into good delivery by actors. I'm learning about making videos at a community college and they say you have to make a plan. Every step in the process is important. This film lacks the definitive style that community college students can lend to a film that says whose film it is. Totally standard and boring with only one crooning cowboy country song, I rate this bad. It lacked all qualities that would make it good.

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