Saturday, March 14, 2015

Broadway to Cheyenne A.K.A. From Broadway to Cheyenne (1932)

An American western directed by Harry L. Fraser.
A detective in New York is trying to catch a gang of criminals when he is shot. The doctor sends him home to Wyoming to rest at his father's ranch. When he gets there, he finds that the gangsters are also there and he must face them again.
The plot almost got my interest enough to follow what was going on and I think I recognized the main character reappearing a few times. The editing was pretty sloppy. There was one cool scene in which the cowboys had a quick meeting before giving their city slicker visitor a forced makeover. There were also a few fist-fight brawls that caught my attention for a moment. Other than that, it was a whole lot of nothing. I rate it poor. Not recommended.

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