Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue Steel A.K.A. An Innocent Man, Stolen Goods (1934)

An American western directed by Robert N. Bradbury, starring John Wayne.
An undercover marshall teams up with the local sheriff to stop a gang of thieves and save the woman whom they have kidnapped.
This was really bad. The audio was the worst and sounded like it was recorded inside a tiny plastic box. Much of the film was accompanied by the muted sound of horses running. The video was shoddy, but there were no editing mistakes and the camera-work looked decent. The plot was not clearly communicated, partially because of inability to hear what the actors were saying. Speaking of actors, the acting was terrible. Long scenes of horse riding slowed the pace to a crawl. Put all of this together and you've got shit. No wonder the initials of the title are BS for bullshit. I turned it off at about 40 minutes of the 54 minute duration. Now that's bad! I rate it shit. DO NOT WATCH!

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