Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Arizona Stage Coach (1942)

An American western directed by S. Roy Luby, starring Ray Corrigan. Part of the Range Busters series.
A stagecoach is repeatedly being robbed. A team of cowboys on the case find that the bank employees are involved.
Can you say mass-produced Hollywood bullshit? I know I'm dredging up the term from way back when I was watching new movies, but it applies here just the same. The editors had no respect for the final product, as evidenced by their bountiful and obvious mistakes. The plot was as shallow and stereotypical as the characters. You get the idea. NOW... How about them swastikas? (picture) And this was in 1942, DURING WWII!!!! The honky tonk songs were awesomely hokey as well. Hmmm, piece of shit with swastika doll and good music? Tolerable. At least it was only 52 minutes long.

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