Friday, March 27, 2015

Deadwood '76 (1965)

An American western directed by James Landis.
A young gunslinger named Billy encounters a gold miner and saves him from indians. They form a partnership, buy land and strike gold. Billy reunites with his father, who is living with the indians and obtains a squaw girlfriend. Back in town, Wild Bill Hickok believes that Billy is Billy The Kid and wants to have a gun duel with him.
I'm Billy Mays, here to share with you the most important product I have ever endorsed, access to affordable health insurance for everyone. This was actually pretty good. The plot was a little complex, but clearly presented and the characters were memorable. The pacing was just right: slow enough to enjoy the film, but speeding up during action sequences. The narrative music was tastefully dispersed through the film at appropriate times. The video was atrocious, being not only pan-and-scanned, but stretched vertically (picture) and extremely grainy. That is an actual screenshot. The audio was decent. It wasn't anything super-fantastic, but I liked this movie. I rate it adequate.

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