Monday, March 9, 2015

American Empire A.K.A. My Son Alone (1942)

An American western directed by William C. McGann, starring Richard Dix and Leo Carrillo.
A man on a boat overhears another's business plan and acts on it. The plan is to buy land and harvest the cattle that come with it. The original orator of the idea then begins stealing cattle from the businessman. The businessman falls in love with a woman and they have a son. Eventually, the whole thing turns into a dispute over land usage.
I was reminded of There Will Be Blood (2007). The whole businessman with a son buying land deal is similar. The plot was relatively clear and the characters were identifiable and easy to keep track of. Audio and video were primitive, but not too bad. There was a lot of incorrectly exposed film involved. Overall, I thought it was just short of alright. I rate it tolerable.

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