Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gail Riplinger: New Age Bible Versions

A documentary by The Prophecy Club and Gail Riplinger.
Gail details the difference between the King James bible and other versions.
This was recommended by a friend at school who is into the King James bible. The presenter does a decent job of speaking clearly and stating her point. She uses a transparency display to show related images and text with some charts and graphs. I did not go in depth on checking her sources, but I did check her reference to Styx lyrics containing "party in Hades" and she is wrong there. The band never mentioned Hades and there was only one occurrence of "party" in their lyrics. Another issue that there is much debate over is whether Lucifer or Jesus is the morning star. I did some quick research and was unable to successfully resolve the question. Lucifer IS identified as the morning star once, with Jesus being IDed in this way multiple times. Make what you will of that. Overall, the video of Gail's lecture was interesting and easy to understand, but probably not entirely "right". I rate it o.k.

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