Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cowboy and the Senorita (1944)

An American western musical directed by Joseph Kane, starring Roy Rogers.
A pair of cowboys are mistaken for kidnappers when they find the bracelet of a runaway girl on the trail. They eventually meet the girl and find that she is searching for her late father's buried treasure in his worthless mine. A businessman is in the process of buying the mine and the cowboys must decipher whether the girl's story about her father's treasure is true.
The plot was clearly communicated and characters easy to keep track of. The musical numbers were tastefully sprinkled through the film, so they did not wear out their welcome. I thought that the style seemed a little bland and hokey. The filmmakers were definitely not trying anything new and creative on this one. It always throws me for a loop when I see cars in a western. This one seemed to be set near a city for some strange reason that I cannot fathom. Overall, it's a standard, old, hokey singing cowboy flick. I rate it o.k. because there are many things that are much worse than that.

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