Friday, February 20, 2015

Tormented (1960)

An American thriller directed by Bert I. Gordon.
A pianist with 2 girlfriends is arguing with one of them atop a lighthouse when she slips from the ledge. He hesitates too long to save her and she falls to her death. Now a fresh ghost, she haunts the musician as he prepares to marry the remaining girlfriend. Also haunting him is a beatnik ferryman who brought the girl to the island. The beatnik thinks that the pianist is keeping a harem of one and wants to extort financial gain from the situation through blackmail.
The plot and characters were mildly interesting. I thought the camera-work was decent, with good use of creative angles. The pace was a little slow and general presentation on the dry side. My favorite scene would have to be the man arguing with the head of his dead girlfriend. I'm not in the mood to mince words in an effort at creating the perfect review for this lackluster film. I rate it tolerable.

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