Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Devil's Hand (1962)

An American horror directed by William J. Hole Jr., starring Neil Hamilton.
A man takes his fiancee to a doll shop where they see a doll that looks like her. The owner denies him that doll, selling him instead a doll of a woman whom he has been dreaming about. Confused, he finds the woman who looks like a doll and finds out that she is part of a cult involving magic. He is seduced by her and convinced to join the cult.
The plot was an absolute joke because it was not clearly presented and didn't make much sense. The characters were extremely shallow and underdeveloped. I didn't notice any editing errors, but the audio and video were definitely of inferior quality. There was a surf song in the soundtrack, but no beach scenes, surfers or anything to give it context. This is a pretty clear case of a bad movie. It defines what my bad rating is used for.

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