Friday, February 6, 2015

The Bat (1959)

An American crime mystery directed by Crane Wilbur, starring Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead and John Sutton.
A mystery writer moves into a mansion of ill repute and rumors are around that rabid bats as well as a killer called "The Bat" are on the loose. The owner of the house is shot by his doctor after revealing that he has stolen money from the bank. The writer and her maid find that the killer has broken into the house and call the police.
The plot was complex and there were many characters to keep track of. The style seemed '40s to me because of the black and white video with not so great audio. It just barely kept my attention enough to register what was going on and I wouldn't say that I liked it. There weren't any technical errors and the acting was alright. I actually like Vincent Price as an actor. Overall, I decree a new rating of "tolerable" in between poor and o.k. The color shall be orangish yellow of a light value.
SO... Updated Rating System:

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