Monday, February 2, 2015

Silent Night, Bloody Night A.K.A. Night of the Dark Full Moon A.K.A. Death House (1972)

An American horror directed by Theodore Gershuny.
The owner of a house has been announced dead many years ago and a patient has escaped from a mental institution. As murders start to pile up, the sordid history of this family is revealed.
The film kept me wondering how many maniacs were on the loose until the very end. So there's points for plot and characters. Another story element that I found to my liking was the back-story developing as the present action played out. Meanwhile, the viewer is left to wonder whether the male lead is a good guy or a bad guy. Normally, I don't like this much confusion, but this film made it work so well. There was some underexposed video and a little bit of harshness and treble-bias in the audio, but such shortcomings did not detract from the film as a whole. I thought it was pretty good and rate it adequate. If you like obscure horror flicks, this would be one to watch.

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