Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Witches Mountain A.K.A. El Monte de las Brujas (1972)

A Spanish horror directed by Raul Artigot.
A photographer takes an assignment so he won't have to go on vacation with his girlfriend. He meets a new young woman at a beach who joins him as he travels to a mountain. There are witches there.
I thought this was Italian because of how bad the production was. Video exposures were off and the sound was terrible. One prime example is the cat screaming near the end. The plot was really vague and nearly pointless. Why do we see this unrelated scene in the beginning? None of the characters were developed in any way. Every time the female lead changed her clothes, I was waiting for nudity that just did not happen. My initial impression of what country it might be from says more than enough to explain why I didn't like it. I rate this poor. You probably shouldn't watch it.

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