Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sumerians and The Annunaki

A Russian documentary by Zecharia Sitchin.
Sitchin explains some of his interpretations of ancient texts involving interplanetary travellers from Nibiru.
I was unable to find an official title or date for this lecture. It was the first to come up when I typed his name into youtube. I stress that he is explaining HIS INTERPRETATIONS because there are so many who would disagree with what he says. He doesn't cite references at any point, preferring to focus on his subject matter, rather than validation of it. What he says is interesting and some of his information seems valid to me. The numbering of planets and astrological knowledge of the ancients are points upon which I agree with him. Looking at the subject as a whole, I think that he had certain correct puzzle pieces that could be incorporated into an in-depth study on alien visitation. Just like any of the other speakers I've heard, they all seem to have some parts of the story and if they could all get together, a real and valid story could be constructed from the parts they each contribute. If you're unversed in the Annunaki, this talk could be quite boring. I was not bored. I'm rating this adequate. It's not the total mind-F that I would hope for, but brings up some good topics.

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