Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ancient Aliens Debunked (2012)

An American documentary directed by Chris White, starring Michael Heiser.
The director and his star go about a systematic business of showing how the Discovery Channel production, Ancient Aliens is wrong. Using text translations, multiple sources and higher quality images, they cast doubt upon the tell-lie-vision series.
I knew that the Ancient Aliens series was total horsecrap without watching a 3 hour documentary on the subject. Because the discovery channel folks present so many questions without answering them and cite so few sources, I have not watched many of their works. Other folks that I DO watch have presented the same ideas though. The makers of this documentary do a very good job of showing that the "answers" in the Ancient Aliens series are wrong. The other folks that I watch have been known to come to the same conclusions that I saw the Ancient Aliens series coming to. I'm not saying that I agree with everything they say or that it makes anything clearer. For example, they show a selective view of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon to avoid depicting any dragons or unicorns. They are also very inconclusive about non-human entities procreating with human women. As I dig ever deeper into the history of this world and what is going on, I become increasingly confused about those subjects. Not only am I being lied to, but the people telling me that I'm being lied to turn out to be liars as well. Anyone can tell that Giorgio Tsoukalos is an even worse liar than Michio Kaku. Chris White points the finger at Mike T. and Dave I. as liars and I have to agree with him that at least on some points, they are misinformed. I can only conclude that the world is the meaningless cesspool that I suspected it was from an early age. As I judge documentaries based on the education vs entertainment and techno vs talk scales, this one fits my criteria and has definitely made me think. I rate it awesome. Watch it if you like having your mind wrecked on a routine basis like I do.

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