Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Screaming Skull (1958)

An American horror directed by Alex Nicol.
A man and his second wife move into his dead ex-wife's house. The second wife has recently been released from a sanitarium after watching her parents drown in a boating accident. The man's first wife had died at the house in a pond in the garden. They meet with a local reverend and his wife who come to visit as well as the retarded gardener who grew up with the first wife. While the husband is away, the second wife is scared by a skull found in the house.
I thought that the plot and characters were relatively interesting for the most part. Figuring out who was playing with the skull kept my interest. There were some really good shots of the skull superimposed on scenes of the garden at night and an even better shot of a whole skeleton in a shroud. The audio and video were pretty crappy with dead air hiss and incorrect exposures obscuring details. I think that the black and white video worked well for the previously mentioned skull shots, but the rest of the film could have benefited from color technology. Seeing green gardens in the daytime shots would have added contrast to the "scary" night shots of the skull. Overall, I think there were good aspects to this bad movie. I rate it tolerable.

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