Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Vampire Bat (1933)

An American horror directed by Frank R. Strayer, starring Fay Wray, Dwight Frye and Melvyn Douglas.
A small town in Europe is experiencing repeated murders that look like they were done by vampires. A scientist, his daughter and the daughter's boyfriend work to solve the mystery.
This actually looked alright. Most of this was because they used sets from other, higher budget films. The plot was a little vague and I thought there were too many characters. The audio wasn't all that great. There is a joke at the end that was funny then and even funnier now. The hypochondriac old woman is complaining about health problems that don't exist and the scientist gave her epson salts. In light of the modern development of "bath salts" as the new nighmare drug, the joke gained unintended meaning. Overall, it was lackluster. I rate it poor.

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