Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Swamp Women A.K.A. Cruel Swamp A.K.A. Swamp Diamonds (1955)

An American crime adventure directed by Roger Corman.
A group of women break out of prison and head for the swamp where their diamonds are buried. A man and his fiancee are taken hostage by them, the wife is killed and the man falls in love with one of his captors.
This was pretty bad. The plot was stupid and the acting worse. The characters were very mediocre and forgettable. Some of the scenes didn't make sense like when the women are pulling the boat. A pair of them jump out to pull, go 2 steps and switch out. The next set get out to pull and the shot changes, implying time has elapsed and they are almost out of the obstacle. When the women cut their pants, one of them asks for them to be cut shorter, even though the pants are all cut the same. The video was a total disaster. It was overexposed, blurry and grainy. The audio had dead air hiss and treble-bias. I have to rate this bad. It was included in the book "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time" but I have seen much worse.

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