Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beyond Tomorrow A.K.A. An So Goodbye (1940)

An American drama directed by E. Edward Sutherland.
When a trio of friends find that their dinner guests for christmas eve are not coming, they make a wager. Each of them throws a wallet into the street with $10 and his business card. They attract 2 dinner guests before they die and the story follows the lives of these guests.
This was boring and barely held my attention to follow the plot. The fact that it is an old talking movie did not incite my interest. Primitive black and white video was coupled with a slow soundtrack and the characters' voices. They did a double exposure effect to make some of the characters look like ghosts (picture). I rate it tolerable. If you have something else to do and want a movie playing while you practice guitar for example, this would work.

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