Monday, February 16, 2015

The She Beast A.K.A. La Sorella Di Satana A.K.A. Revenge of the Blood Beast (1966)

A British Italian horror directed by Michael Reeves, starring Barbara Steele.
A man and his wife stay at an inn in Transylvania where their car is sabotaged. They crash the car into a lake where a witch was killed many years before and the wife becomes possessed by the spirit of the witch.
I could tell this was Italian by the low quality video and lack of focus on the plot. Lack of dynamic range on Italian video cameras of the '60s led to overexposed lights and underexposed darks, with no compensation being made by the operators. The framing is usually far too close, leading to confusing scenes with too much going on. The plot and characters lose emphasis when sub-plots take over most of the film. In this case, the dealings of the innkeeper and drunken Van Helsing stole the show. Editing was done in the most jarring way, with scenes suddenly and violently cutting to one another. I can see lots of the things that I hate about new American films in these old Italian disasterpieces. I rate this bad based on technical ineptitude leading to lack of communicative ability.

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