Saturday, July 30, 2016

Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)

An American science fiction comedy directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, starring Warwick Davis.
The leprechaun successfully courts an alien princess because she is a gold digger. Unfortunately for them, space military show up and blast the leprechaun to bits. When one of the mercenaries pees on the corpse, leprechaun magic goes up his dick. He later has an erection and the leprechaun springs out of it. The military boss is a cyborg and wants the blood of the princess to make a new body for himself, but everything turns to chaos when the leprechaun is loose on their ship.
Cheesy. The bad acting is the first thing that comes to mind, followed by the overly convoluted plot. The camera-work was actually quite good. The special effects were unconvincing and prolific. We did have some Female Anatomy Points from the princess though (picture). Did I mention how much I hate constant underexposure? Anything with "in space" in the title is bound to be a craphole flick. Overall, it is best to watch the first three Leprechaun films and leave the rest alone. I rate this poor.

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