Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Les Maîtres du temps A.K.A. Time Masters (1982)

A French animated science fiction directed by Rene Laloux.
A young boy is stranded on a foreign planet. His father's dying act is to give him a communication device and tell him to hide in a nearby forest, just before their transportation explodes. The communication device is linked to a spaceship whose pilot has taken a prince and princess on-board with stolen riches. Before rescuing the boy, they stop to pick up a friend who used to live on the planet where the boy is. There, they also gather a pair of small creatures that came out of a flower.
I learned NONE of this plot from dialogue. I may as well have been watching it in French for all that I could hear. The story is actually good, but extremely complex with many characters. The animation style was unique. As Rene Laloux is known for, it's close to a traditional cartoon, but so far away. Some of the scenes lacked interest and the "camera" held a still for far too long. The variety of alien life and locations made up for this. The planet where the little boy is trapped became my favorite and him, my favorite character. He tries to survive as a helpless child in a totally alien world based solely upon the contradictory advice that comes when he has conversations with a machine he doesn't understand the purpose of. Overall, good uniqueness and bad production. I rate it awesome because I'll take unique over anything else.

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