Friday, July 1, 2016

Sanders of the River (1935)

A British drama directed by Zoltan Korda and Produced by Alexander Korda.
A British military/government leader rules wisely over the tribes of Africa. When he is replaced, conflict occurs, but he returns. The main African chief says that he has learned much from this man.
Not so great. The plot was almost interesting, but the characters were severely lacking in depth. The video was decent at best. There were some compositing scenes and I don't know how they did that in 1935. The audio sucked donkey nards. The dialogue was really quiet and the soundtrack was not to my liking. More on that in a sec. The believability was absolutely zero. AS IF the African war song was in a Jew Hollywood style and ALL the Africans AND ANIMALS could understand Morse code? Oh my fucking god! It "buggers belief" to quote David Icke. On the plus side, Female Anatomy Points for this African dancer (picture). Overall, a piece of crap. Only watch this to mock it. I rate it bad.

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