Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936)

A British comedy fantasy directed by Lothar Mendes.
Celestial sky-god type beings meet overlooking Earth. One of them wants to give all the Earthlings infinite power, but the others persuade him to start with just one. This one man gains the power to make miracles happen. He asks his friends and co-workers about it and demonstrates what he can do for each of them. Unsatisfied with their answers, he moves on to the next and the next for advice until he tires of other people telling him what to do.
Amazing! This was like a very long Twilight Zone episode. They used primitive compositing techniques on the video which amount to what the average teen can do with after effects now. There was more planning, setup, staging and creative editing involved than actual video manipulation. The question that this film brings up is "what would you do with this power?". It also states that the answer is a difficult one. What would make the world truly good? I might be tempted to go warping around, killing all the reptilians, Illuminati, politicians and bankers. I might then let the world fall into chaos and anarchy. With all of the real evil gone, us humans might find a better way of life. Maybe folks like strife, war, hatred and sorrow. My parents do. Then someones every here and there would start rebuilding the old system. All that work for nothing. The answer to the world's problems is not easy to find. This film made me think about those ideas. For that, I rate it best. A best rating comes from technical proficiency, good plot and characters or making me think. That's what this did.

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