Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

An American war comedy directed by Barry Levinson, starring Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker.
A new disc jockey works at an American radio station in Vietnam during the war. He is involved in drama with his bosses and the local people.
This was boring and uninteresting. I had to do 3 tries to watch it all the way through. Even Mike Leigh's British slice of life nihilism went down in 2. The plot was obscured by the shitty acting and camera-work. I didn't believe for a single solitary second that any of this was actually happening. So cliche! So cheesy! Robin Williams was in the correct role and tried his best to pull through, but that is the only positive comment I can make on this. Not everything made in 1987 has the omnipotent magic that can be instilled by that production year. Overall, not worth watching. I rate this bad.

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