Monday, June 27, 2016

Red Hook Summer (2012)

An American drama written, directed and produced by Spike Lee.
A young man goes to stay with his grandfather in New York City for the summer. The grandfather is a preacher and forces the boy into the church. There he meets a girl his own age who he eventually befriends and the drunken deacon. Although initially unhappy in the situation, he gets used to things and comes to enjoy it more. There is conflict with a local gang of drug dealers and the preacher grandfather is accused of raping a boy at his previous church.
This was actually alright. It took a while to become so though. The beginning was a reinforcement of racial stereotypes, but then it got interesting. The plot twist was worthwhile and made it a better film. The main characters were actually all dynamic. They changed. Whether it was from scene to scene or over the course of the film, they changed. The video was really cool. There was a variety of styles and techniques employed to rival anything out there. The audio was mostly black music, as with most Spike Lee joints. It's a shame that he doesn't use black metal. What? It has the word "black" in it! I met a deacon at a local church who had a cannabis bong in the non-functional clock tower. Overall, this is almost as good as Do the Right Thing. I rate it good because it is, but not marvelous or wonderful. Just good. I would recommend watching it.

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