Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mr. Turner (2014)

A British French German biographical drama written and directed by Mike Leigh, starring Timothy Spall.
The later life of the painter, Joseph Mallord William Turner is depicted.
I thought this was pretty cool. I like the work of Mike Leigh and Timothy Spall in most cases. They have grown on me as I've been watching through these films. The plot was sparse. It's a Mike Leigh kind of thing, but there were some definitive events. There was a scene in the art gallery that I found unbelievable. The artists were working on pictures that should have been done already. The characters were all very British and Mr. Spall took the lead of Mr. Turner admirably. He starts out old and only gets older. The video was good. I liked how some of the wide shots of landscapes looked like Turner's paintings. The audio was a little hit and miss. Some of the dialogue had too much dynamic range. The lower end of that range was lost on me and the thick accents did not help this. Overall, a contemplative, beautiful and well-acted film. I rate it good.

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