Sunday, June 12, 2016

High Hopes (1988)

A British drama directed by Mike Leigh, starring Philip Davis.
A hippie couple live together. The man is a motorcycle delivery man. His sister is married to a jerk and his mother is old and losing her mental facilities.
This was cool, but didn't really seem to go anywhere. The plot was obviously not the best, but the characters were good. They were all well-acted and the dialogue was written very well. I am glad that there were subtitles because they used lots of British slang that I would have missed without reading it. The video style was very dreary. It really looked '80s and was very similar to Mike Leigh's other films. I've already pointed out the dialogue audio, but the sparse use of music was appropriate for the atmosphere. When I reviewed Spike Lee's Crooklyn, I said "niggers are niggers". In this film, brits are brits. Overall, a nice slice of life flick without much plot. I rate it adequate.

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