Friday, June 10, 2016

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

An American horror drama directed by Spike Lee.
An African art collector witnesses his friend committing suicide and drinks his blood. Later, the friend's wife shows up and expresses her displeasure with her deceased husband. They then fall in love.
Crazy. Black christian vampires? The plot was interesting, but the pacing was so slow that it failed to hold my attention. The characters were unique, but stereotypical at the same time. The black christian vampires acted like normal actors of color. You follow? The video style was great. They definitely knew how to use a camera to tell a story. The audio was not so much to my liking. It featured mostly new black music and mostly R&B and rap. There were some definite Female Anatomy Points earned! I was wondering how far they would go with the lesbian scene. Overall, it was definitely something to behold. I rate it adequate because it was unique, but not exactly what I wanted. Let your curiosity draw you into watching this.

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